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Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
ST015 BES,free acid 10g RMB105.00 Add to cart
ST090-10g HEPES, free acid (High Purity Grade) 10g RMB41.00 Add to cart
ST090-100g HEPES, free acid (High Purity Grade) 100g RMB228.00 Add to cart
ST092-500g HEPES, free acid 500g RMB283.00 Add to cart
ST092-100g HEPES, free acid 100g RMB71.00 Add to cart
ST301 MOPS, free acid 20g RMB62.00 Add to cart
ST302 MOPS, free acid 100g RMB282.00 Add to cart
ST447-1L PBS (1X, premixed powder) 1L RMB13.00 Add to cart
ST447-5L PBS (1X, premixed powder) 5×1L RMB53.00 Add to cart
ST448-1L PBS (10X, premixed powder) 1L RMB69.00 Add to cart
ST756-20g Tricine (Cell Culture Grade) 20g RMB179.00 Add to cart
ST756-100g Tricine (Cell Culture Grade) 100g RMB561.00 Add to cart
ST760-100g Tris (Electrophoresis Grade) 100g RMB49.00 Add to cart
ST760-500g Tris (Electrophoresis Grade) 500g RMB173.00 Add to cart
ST760-2.5kg Tris (Electrophoresis Grade) 2.5kg RMB732.00 Add to cart
ST761-100g Tris (Molecular Biology Grade) 100g RMB71.00 Add to cart
ST761-500g Tris (Molecular Biology Grade) 500g RMB279.00 Add to cart
ST761-2.5kg Tris (Molecular Biology Grade) 2.5kg RMB1101.00 Add to cart
ST1114-25g BIS-TRIS (≥99%, BioReagent) 25g RMB129.00 Add to cart
ST1114-100g BIS-TRIS (≥99%, BioReagent) 100g RMB256.00 Add to cart
ST1114-500g BIS-TRIS (≥99%, BioReagent) 500g RMB1163.00 Add to cart
ST1506-25g MES monohydrate (≥99.0%, BioPlus) 25g RMB60.00 Add to cart
ST1506-100g MES monohydrate (≥99.0%, BioPlus) 100g RMB156.00 Add to cart
ST1506-500g MES monohydrate (≥99.0%, BioPlus) 500g RMB679.00 Add to cart
ST1533-50g MOPS (≥99.5%, Reagent grade) 50g RMB235.00 Add to cart
ST1533-250g MOPS (≥99.5%, Reagent grade) 250g RMB836.00 Add to cart
ST1533-1kg MOPS (≥99.5%, Reagent grade) 1kg RMB2387.00 Add to cart
ST1717-25g TRIS hydrochloride (≥99%, BioReagent) 25g RMB39.00 Add to cart
ST1717-100g TRIS hydrochloride (≥99%, BioReagent) 100g RMB97.00 Add to cart
ST1717-500g TRIS hydrochloride (≥99%, BioReagent) 500g RMB268.00 Add to cart
ST370-100ml 100ml RMB98.00 Add to cart
ST370-500ml 500ml RMB392.00 Add to cart