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Bioactive Compunds> Other Types of Inhibitor Activators >
Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
SF1190-10mM Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB193.00 Add to cart
SF1190-5mg Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 5mg RMB381.00 Add to cart
SF1190-25mg Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 25mg RMB889.00 Add to cart
SF1190-100mg Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 100mg RMB1966.00 Add to cart
SF1193-10mM Remdesivir 10mM×0.2ml RMB413.00 Add to cart
SF1193-5mg Remdesivir 5mg RMB912.00 Add to cart
SF1197-10mM MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 10mM×0.2ml RMB621.00 Add to cart
SF1197-5mg MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 5mg RMB1967.00 Add to cart
SF1193-25mg Remdesivir 25mg RMB2060.00 Add to cart
SF1197-25mg MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 25mg RMB6215.00 Add to cart
SF1197-100mg MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 100mg RMB19683.00 Add to cart
SF1193-100mg Remdesivir 100mg RMB5179.00 Add to cart
SF1201-5mg DX600 (ACE2 Inhibitor) 5mg RMB1966.00 Add to cart
SF1201-25mg DX600 (ACE2 Inhibitor) 25mg RMB7561.00 Add to cart
SF1201-100mg DX600 (ACE2 Inhibitor) 100mg RMB22790.00 Add to cart
SC9141-10mM Favipiravir (DNA/RNA Synthesis inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB175.00 Add to cart
SC9141-5mg Favipiravir (DNA/RNA Synthesis inhibitor) 5mg RMB579.00 Add to cart
SC9141-25mg Favipiravir (DNA/RNA Synthesis inhibitor) 25mg RMB2135.00 Add to cart