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Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
SC3251-10mM Bedaquiline (anti-tuberculosis) 10mM×0.2ml RMB392.00 Add to cart
SC3251-5mg Bedaquiline (anti-tuberculosis) 5mg RMB1175.00 Add to cart
SC3251-25mg Bedaquiline (anti-tuberculosis) 25mg RMB3963.00 Add to cart
SC3274-10mM Pirodavir (HRV capsid-binding inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB455.00 Add to cart
SC3274-5mg Pirodavir (HRV capsid-binding inhibitor) 5mg RMB1911.00 Add to cart
SC3274-25mg Pirodavir (HRV capsid-binding inhibitor) 25mg RMB3972.00 Add to cart
SC3278-10mM Solithromycin (Antibacterial) 10mM×0.2ml RMB777.00 Add to cart
SC3278-5mg Solithromycin (Antibacterial) 5mg RMB1533.00 Add to cart
SC3278-25mg Solithromycin (Antibacterial) 25mg RMB5288.00 Add to cart
SC3292-10mM AN-2690 (Antifungal ) 10mM×0.2ml RMB176.00 Add to cart
SC3292-5mg AN-2690 (Antifungal ) 5mg RMB477.00 Add to cart
SC3292-25mg AN-2690 (Antifungal ) 25mg RMB1519.00 Add to cart
SC3301-10mM BMS626529 (HIV inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB443.00 Add to cart
SC3301-5mg BMS626529 (HIV inhibitor) 5mg RMB1563.00 Add to cart
SC3301-25mg BMS626529 (HIV inhibitor) 25mg RMB4293.00 Add to cart
SC3310-10mM LED209 (QseC inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB152.00 Add to cart
SC3310-5mg LED209 (QseC inhibitor) 5mg RMB405.00 Add to cart
SC3310-25mg LED209 (QseC inhibitor) 25mg RMB1542.00 Add to cart
SC3314-10mM PSI-6206 (HCV inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB171.00 Add to cart
SC3314-5mg PSI-6206 (HCV inhibitor) 5mg RMB1092.00 Add to cart
SC3314-25mg PSI-6206 (HCV inhibitor) 25mg RMB2702.00 Add to cart
SC3319-10mM TBA-354 (anti-tuberculosis) 10mM×0.2ml RMB672.00 Add to cart
SC3319-5mg TBA-354 (anti-tuberculosis) 5mg RMB2568.00 Add to cart
SC3319-25mg TBA-354 (anti-tuberculosis) 25mg RMB8220.00 Add to cart
SC3323-10mM Nesbuvir (HCV inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB542.00 Add to cart
SC3323-5mg Nesbuvir (HCV inhibitor) 5mg RMB2020.00 Add to cart
SC3323-25mg Nesbuvir (HCV inhibitor) 25mg RMB6142.00 Add to cart
SC3332-10mM Walrycin B (antibacterial) 10mM×0.2ml RMB335.00 Add to cart
SC3332-5mg Walrycin B (antibacterial) 5mg RMB1651.00 Add to cart
SC3332-25mg Walrycin B (antibacterial) 25mg RMB4381.00 Add to cart
SF1100-10mM Anidulafungin (Glucan Synthase inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB306.00 Add to cart
SF1100-5mg Anidulafungin (Glucan Synthase inhibitor) 5mg RMB447.00 Add to cart
SF1100-25mg Anidulafungin (Glucan Synthase inhibitor) 25mg RMB1418.00 Add to cart
SF1145-10mM PA-824 (Anti-tuberculosis Drug) 10mM×0.2ml RMB243.00 Add to cart
SF1145-5mg PA-825 (Anti-tuberculosis Drug) 5mg RMB1127.00 Add to cart
SF1145-25mg PA-826 (Anti-tuberculosis Drug) 25mg RMB3142.00 Add to cart
SF1163-10mM Caspofungin Acetate (β-1,3-glucan synthase inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB235.00 Add to cart
SF1163-5mg Caspofungin Acetate (β-1,3-glucan synthase inhibitor) 5mg RMB322.00 Add to cart
SF1163-25mg Caspofungin Acetate (β-1,3-glucan synthase inhibitor) 25mg RMB1182.00 Add to cart
SD8482-10mM Raltegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB173.00 Add to cart
SD8482-25mg Raltegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 25mg RMB2178.00 Add to cart
SD8482-5mg Raltegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 5mg RMB650.00 Add to cart
SD8491-10mM Elvitegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB141.00 Add to cart
SD8491-25mg Elvitegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 25mg RMB1530.00 Add to cart
SD8491-5mg Elvitegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 5mg RMB393.00 Add to cart
SD8500-10mM Dolutegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB367.00 Add to cart
SD8500-25mg Dolutegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 25mg RMB3148.00 Add to cart
SD8500-5mg Dolutegravir (Integrase inhibitor) 5mg RMB1459.00 Add to cart
SF1190-10mM Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB193.00 Add to cart
SF1190-5mg Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 5mg RMB381.00 Add to cart
SF1190-25mg Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 25mg RMB889.00 Add to cart
SF1190-100mg Ebselen (HIV-1 inhibitor) 100mg RMB1966.00 Add to cart
SF1193-10mM Remdesivir 10mM×0.2ml RMB413.00 Add to cart
SF1193-5mg Remdesivir 5mg RMB912.00 Add to cart
SF1197-10mM MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 10mM×0.2ml RMB621.00 Add to cart
SF1193-25mg Remdesivir 25mg RMB2060.00 Add to cart
SF1197-5mg MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 5mg RMB1967.00 Add to cart
SF1197-25mg MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 25mg RMB6215.00 Add to cart
SF1193-100mg Remdesivir 100mg RMB5179.00 Add to cart
SF1197-100mg MLN-4760, ACE2 Inhibitor 100mg RMB19683.00 Add to cart
SF1201-5mg DX600 (ACE2 Inhibitor) 5mg RMB1966.00 Add to cart
SF1201-25mg DX600 (ACE2 Inhibitor) 25mg RMB7561.00 Add to cart
SF1201-100mg DX600 (ACE2 Inhibitor) 100mg RMB22790.00 Add to cart