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Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
S1509 AG 490 5mg RMB338.00 Add to cart
SC0204-10mM Lapatinib (EGFR inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB140.00 Add to cart
SC0204-5mg Lapatinib (EGFR inhibitor) 5mg RMB207.00 Add to cart
SC0204-25mg Lapatinib (EGFR inhibitor) 25mg RMB591.00 Add to cart
SC3247-10mM Simeprevir (HCV inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB845.00 Add to cart
SC3247-5mg Simeprevir (HCV inhibitor) 5mg RMB1877.00 Add to cart
SC3247-25mg Simeprevir (HCV inhibitor) 25mg RMB7802.00 Add to cart
SC3256-10mM ABT-333 (HCV inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB215.00 Add to cart
SC3256-5mg ABT-333 (HCV inhibitor) 5mg RMB725.00 Add to cart
SC3256-25mg ABT-333 (HCV inhibitor) 25mg RMB1581.00 Add to cart
SC3260-10mM MK5172 (HCV inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB1141.00 Add to cart
SC3260-5mg MK5172 (HCV inhibitor) 5mg RMB2479.00 Add to cart
SC3260-25mg MK5172 (HCV inhibitor) 25mg RMB6375.00 Add to cart
SD4740-10mM Ruxolitinib (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB154.00 Add to cart
SD4740-5mg Ruxolitinib (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB840.00 Add to cart
SD4740-25mg Ruxolitinib (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB1679.00 Add to cart
SD4744-10mM PD153035 (EGFR inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB115.00 Add to cart
SD4744-5mg PD153035 (EGFR inhibitor) 5mg RMB282.00 Add to cart
SD4744-25mg PD153035 (EGFR inhibitor) 25mg RMB1159.00 Add to cart
SD4749-10mM WP1066 (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB136.00 Add to cart
SD4749-5mg WP1066 (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB344.00 Add to cart
SD4749-25mg WP1066 (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB1412.00 Add to cart
SD4753-10mM XL019 (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB412.00 Add to cart
SD4753-5mg XL019 (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB1546.00 Add to cart
SD4753-25mg XL019 (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB5077.00 Add to cart
SD4758-10mM Pyridone 6 (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB240.00 Add to cart
SD4758-5mg Pyridone 6 (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB1291.00 Add to cart
SD4758-25mg Pyridone 6 (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB3114.00 Add to cart
SD4762-10mM Pacritinib (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB441.00 Add to cart
SD4762-5mg Pacritinib (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB1554.00 Add to cart
SD4762-25mg Pacritinib (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB4974.00 Add to cart
SD4767-10mM Icotinib HCl (EGFR inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB361.00 Add to cart
SD4767-5mg Icotinib HCl (EGFR inhibitor) 5mg RMB1409.00 Add to cart
SD4767-25mg Icotinib HCl (EGFR inhibitor) 25mg RMB3351.00 Add to cart
SD4776-10mM TG101348 (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB180.00 Add to cart
SD4776-5mg TG101348 (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB572.00 Add to cart
SD4776-25mg TG101348 (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB1933.00 Add to cart
SD4780-10mM SGI-1776 (Pim inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB177.00 Add to cart
SD4780-5mg SGI-1776 (Pim inhibitor) 5mg RMB731.00 Add to cart
SD4780-25mg SGI-1776 (Pim inhibitor) 25mg RMB2101.00 Add to cart
SD4785-10mM CL-387785 (EGFR inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB129.00 Add to cart
SD4785-5mg CL-387785 (EGFR inhibitor) 5mg RMB560.00 Add to cart
SD4785-25mg CL-387785 (EGFR inhibitor) 25mg RMB2168.00 Add to cart
SD4789-10mM AT9283 (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB206.00 Add to cart
SD4789-5mg AT9283 (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB880.00 Add to cart
SD4789-25mg AT9283 (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB2410.00 Add to cart
SD4794-10mM NSC 74859 (STAT inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB136.00 Add to cart
SD4794-5mg NSC 74859 (STAT inhibitor) 5mg RMB359.00 Add to cart
SD4794-25mg NSC 74859 (STAT inhibitor) 25mg RMB1158.00 Add to cart
SD4798-10mM TG101209 (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB277.00 Add to cart
SD4798-5mg TG101209 (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB905.00 Add to cart
SD4798-25mg TG101209 (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB3037.00 Add to cart
SD4803-10mM Baricitinib (JAK inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB317.00 Add to cart
SD4803-5mg Baricitinib (JAK inhibitor) 5mg RMB1418.00 Add to cart
SD4803-25mg Baricitinib (JAK inhibitor) 25mg RMB4537.00 Add to cart
SF4162-10mM Daclatasvir (HCV NS5A inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB388.00 Add to cart
SF4162-5mg Daclatasvir (HCV NS5A inhibitor) 5mg RMB876.00 Add to cart
SF4162-25mg Daclatasvir (HCV NS5A inhibitor) 25mg RMB3038.00 Add to cart
SF5341-10mM Canertinib (EGFR inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB115.00 Add to cart
SF5341-5mg Canertinib (EGFR inhibitor) 5mg RMB219.00 Add to cart
SF5341-25mg Canertinib (EGFR inhibitor) 25mg RMB876.00 Add to cart
SC0168-10mM Erlotinib (EGFR inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB64.00 Add to cart
SC0168-25mg Erlotinib (EGFR inhibitor) 25mg RMB313.00 Add to cart
SC0168-5mg Erlotinib (EGFR inhibitor) 5mg RMB109.00 Add to cart
SF5323-10mM Rociletinib (EGFR inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB312.00 Add to cart
SF5323-25mg Rociletinib (EGFR inhibitor) 25mg RMB3033.00 Add to cart
SF5323-5mg Rociletinib (EGFR inhibitor) 5mg RMB936.00 Add to cart