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Bioactive Compunds> Chromatin / Epigenetic / Cell cycle >
Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
S1761 Nicotinamide 10g RMB119.00 Add to cart
SC0069-10mM I-BET-762 (GSK525762) 10mM×0.2ml RMB315.00 Add to cart
SC0069-5mg I-BET-762 (GSK525762) 5mg RMB1235.00 Add to cart
SC0069-25mg I-BET-762 (GSK525762) 25mg RMB3706.00 Add to cart
SC0267-10mM SRT 1720 (SIRT1 activator) 10mM×0.2ml RMB288.00 Add to cart
SC0267-5mg SRT 1720 (SIRT1 activator) 5mg RMB947.00 Add to cart
SC0267-25mg SRT 1720 (SIRT1 activator) 25mg RMB3243.00 Add to cart
SC0272-10mM SRT 2104 (SIRT1 activator) 10mM×0.2ml RMB255.00 Add to cart
SC0272-5mg SRT 2104 (SIRT1 activator) 5mg RMB822.00 Add to cart
SC0272-25mg SRT 2104 (SIRT1 activator) 25mg RMB2661.00 Add to cart
SC0276-10mM Resveratrol (SIRT1 activator) 10mM×0.2ml RMB56.00 Add to cart
SC0276-5mg Resveratrol (SIRT1 activator) 5mg RMB55.00 Add to cart
SC0276-25mg Resveratrol (SIRT1 activator) 25mg RMB157.00 Add to cart
SC0281-10mM EX 527 (Selisistat) (SIRT1 inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB112.00 Add to cart
SC0281-5mg EX 527 (Selisistat) (SIRT1 inhibitor) 5mg RMB278.00 Add to cart
SC0281-25mg EX 527 (Selisistat) (SIRT1 inhibitor) 25mg RMB947.00 Add to cart
SD1101-10mM PFI-1 (BET inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB141.00 Add to cart
SD1101-5mg PFI-1 (BET inhibitor) 5mg RMB328.00 Add to cart
SD1101-25mg PFI-1 (BET inhibitor) 25mg RMB1518.00 Add to cart
SD1132-10mM PFI-3 (Epigenetic Reader Domain inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB175.00 Add to cart
SD1132-5mg PFI-3 (Epigenetic Reader Domain inhibitor) 5mg RMB533.00 Add to cart
SD1132-25mg PFI-3 (Epigenetic Reader Domain inhibitor) 25mg RMB1592.00 Add to cart
SD1141-10mM PFI-4 (Epigenetic Reader Domain inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB141.00 Add to cart
SD1141-5mg PFI-4 (Epigenetic Reader Domain inhibitor) 5mg RMB347.00 Add to cart
SD1141-25mg PFI-4 (Epigenetic Reader Domain inhibitor) 25mg RMB1449.00 Add to cart
SD1155-10mM Tubastatin A (HDAC inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB119.00 Add to cart
SD1155-5mg Tubastatin A (HDAC inhibitor) 5mg RMB133.00 Add to cart
SD1155-25mg Tubastatin A (HDAC inhibitor) 25mg RMB462.00 Add to cart
SD1168-10mM Remodelin (Histone Acetyltransferase inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB141.00 Add to cart
SD1168-5mg Remodelin (Histone Acetyltransferase inhibitor) 5mg RMB321.00 Add to cart
SD1168-25mg Remodelin (Histone Acetyltransferase inhibitor) 25mg RMB1166.00 Add to cart
ST1623-50mg Resveratrol ( 98%, Reagent grade) 50mg RMB39.00 Add to cart
ST1623-250mg Resveratrol ( 98%, Reagent grade) 250mg RMB65.00 Add to cart
ST1623-1g Resveratrol ( 98%, Reagent grade) 1g RMB88.00 Add to cart
S1893-100μg Trichostatin A 2mg/ml×0.05ml RMB315.00 Add to cart
S1893-500μg Trichostatin A 2mg/ml×0.25ml RMB1131.00 Add to cart
SC0285-10mM AGK2 (SIRT2 inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB141.00 Add to cart
SC0285-25mg AGK2 (SIRT2 inhibitor) 25mg RMB1933.00 Add to cart
SC0285-5mg AGK2 (SIRT2 inhibitor) 5mg RMB540.00 Add to cart
SC0290-10mM SirReal2 (SIRT2 inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB151.00 Add to cart
SC0290-25mg SirReal2 (SIRT2 inhibitor) 25mg RMB2213.00 Add to cart
SC0290-5mg SirReal2 (SIRT2 inhibitor) 5mg RMB597.00 Add to cart
SD1105-10mM LAQ824 (HDAC inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB235.00 Add to cart
SD1105-25mg LAQ824 (HDAC inhibitor) 25mg RMB3155.00 Add to cart
SD1105-5mg LAQ824 (HDAC inhibitor) 5mg RMB1035.00 Add to cart
SD1110-10mM Belinostat (HDAC inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB152.00 Add to cart
SD1110-25mg Belinostat (HDAC inhibitor) 25mg RMB1201.00 Add to cart
SD1110-5mg Belinostat (HDAC inhibitor) 5mg RMB389.00 Add to cart