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Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
P1112 Deacetylase Inhibitor Cocktail,100X 1ml RMB176.00 Add to cart
P1113 Deacetylase Inhibitor Cocktail ,100X 5ml RMB697.00 Add to cart
S1748-1mg MG-132 20mg/ml×0.05ml RMB313.00 Add to cart
S1748-5mg MG-132 5mg RMB401.00 Add to cart
S1748-25mg MG-132 25mg RMB1410.00 Add to cart
SC0263-5mg Bortzeomib (PS-341) (Proteasome inhibitor) 5mg RMB378.00 Add to cart
SC0263-10mM Bortzeomib (PS-341) (Proteasome inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB122.00 Add to cart
SC0263-25mg Bortzeomib (PS-341) (Proteasome inhibitor) 25mg RMB1452.00 Add to cart
SF4157-5mg Carfilzomib (proteasome inhibitor) 5mg RMB878.00 Add to cart
SF4157-10mM Carfilzomib (proteasome inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB379.00 Add to cart
SF4157-25mg Carfilzomib (proteasome inhibitor) 25mg RMB2104.00 Add to cart
SG0002-5mg ML323 (DUB inhibitor) 5mg RMB752.00 Add to cart
SG0002-10mM ML323 (DUB inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB173.00 Add to cart
SG0002-25mg ML323 (DUB inhibitor) 25mg RMB3061.00 Add to cart
SG0020-5mg b-AP15 (DUB inhibitor) 5mg RMB335.00 Add to cart
SG0020-10mM b-AP15 (DUB inhibitor) 10mM×0.2ml RMB136.00 Add to cart
SG0020-25mg b-AP15 (DUB inhibitor) 25mg RMB1091.00 Add to cart