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Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
P9019-1mg ACTH(1-24) human 1mg RMB293.00 Add to cart
P9019-5mg ACTH(1-24) human 5mg RMB1092.00 Add to cart
P9019-25mg ACTH(1-24) human 25mg RMB4092.00 Add to cart
P9023-1mg ACTH(1-39) human 1mg RMB570.00 Add to cart
P9023-5mg ACTH(1-39) human 5mg RMB2121.00 Add to cart
P9023-25mg ACTH(1-39) human 25mg RMB7943.00 Add to cart
P9028-1mg ACTH(18-39) human 1mg RMB326.00 Add to cart
P9028-5mg ACTH(18-39) human 5mg RMB1225.00 Add to cart
P9028-25mg ACTH(18-39) human 25mg RMB4588.00 Add to cart
P9032-1mg ACTH(1-17) human 1mg RMB219.00 Add to cart
P9032-5mg ACTH(1-17) human 5mg RMB805.00 Add to cart
P9032-25mg ACTH(1-17) human 25mg RMB3030.00 Add to cart
P9037-1mg ACTH(1-10) human 1mg RMB91.00 Add to cart
P9037-5mg ACTH(1-10) human 5mg RMB335.00 Add to cart
P9037-25mg ACTH(1-10) human 25mg RMB1246.00 Add to cart
P9041-1mg ACTH(7-38) human 1mg RMB438.00 Add to cart
P9041-5mg ACTH(7-38) human 5mg RMB1607.00 Add to cart
P9041-25mg ACTH(7-38) human 25mg RMB6021.00 Add to cart
P9046-5mg Octreotide Acetate 5mg RMB102.00 Add to cart
P9046-25mg Octreotide Acetate 25mg RMB384.00 Add to cart
P9046-100mg Octreotide Acetate 100mg RMB1224.00 Add to cart
P9050-5mg Desmopressin Acetate 5mg RMB126.00 Add to cart
P9050-25mg Desmopressin Acetate 25mg RMB477.00 Add to cart
P9050-100mg Desmopressin Acetate 100mg RMB1530.00 Add to cart
P9055-5mg Leuprorelin Acetate 5mg RMB152.00 Add to cart
P9055-25mg Leuprorelin Acetate 25mg RMB580.00 Add to cart
P9055-100mg Leuprorelin Acetate 100mg RMB1846.00 Add to cart
P9059-1mg Mechano Growth Factor 1mg RMB98.00 Add to cart
P9059-5mg Mechano Growth Factor 5mg RMB365.00 Add to cart
P9059-25mg Mechano Growth Factor 25mg RMB1377.00 Add to cart
P9064-1mg Cetrorelix Acetate 1mg RMB116.00 Add to cart
P9064-5mg Cetrorelix Acetate 5mg RMB437.00 Add to cart
P9064-25mg Cetrorelix Acetate 25mg RMB1659.00 Add to cart
P9068-1mg Deslorelin Acetate 1mg RMB205.00 Add to cart
P9068-5mg Deslorelin Acetate 5mg RMB765.00 Add to cart
P9068-25mg Deslorelin Acetate 25mg RMB2866.00 Add to cart
P9073-1mg Teriparatide Acetate 1mg RMB105.00 Add to cart
P9073-5mg Teriparatide Acetate 5mg RMB390.00 Add to cart
P9073-25mg Teriparatide Acetate 25mg RMB1446.00 Add to cart
P9077-5mg Somatostatin Acetate 5mg RMB107.00 Add to cart
P9077-25mg Somatostatin Acetate 25mg RMB403.00 Add to cart
P9077-100mg Somatostatin Acetate 100mg RMB1292.00 Add to cart
P9082-5mg Oxytocin Acetate 5mg RMB175.00 Add to cart
P9082-25mg Oxytocin Acetate 25mg RMB656.00 Add to cart
P9082-100mg Oxytocin Acetate 100mg RMB2102.00 Add to cart