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Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
D0251 Annealing Buffer for DNA Oligos(5X) 1ml RMB86.00 Add to cart
D0509S Cre Recombinase 50U RMB198.00 Add to cart
D0509M Cre Recombinase 250U RMB798.00 Add to cart
D0509L Cre Recombinase 1000U RMB2519.00 Add to cart
D6952S Vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase I 200U RMB192.00 Add to cart
D6952M Vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase I 1000U RMB798.00 Add to cart
D6952L Vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase I 5000U RMB3198.00 Add to cart
D7010FT Seamless Cloning Kit 5T RMB0.00 Add to cart
D7010S Seamless Cloning Kit 20T RMB329.00 Add to cart
D7010M Seamless Cloning Kit 100T RMB1216.00 Add to cart
D7012 DNA Blunting Kit 20T RMB145.00 Add to cart
D7013S Quick Blunting Kit 20T RMB178.00 Add to cart
D7013M Quick Blunting Kit 100T RMB666.00 Add to cart
D2006 pUCm-T Vector 20T RMB269.00 Add to cart
D7002 Rapid DNA Ligation Kit 100T RMB185.00 Add to cart
D7002FT Rapid DNA Ligation Kit 10T RMB0.00 Add to cart
D7003 Rapid DNA Ligation Kit 500T RMB729.00 Add to cart
D7006 T4 DNA Ligase 40,000U RMB52.00 Add to cart
D7008 T4 DNA Ligase 200,000U RMB192.00 Add to cart
D7057S T4 Gene 32 Protein 100µg RMB198.00 Add to cart
D7057M T4 Gene 32 Protein 500µg RMB798.00 Add to cart
D7057L T4 Gene 32 Protein 2mg RMB2558.00 Add to cart
D7082S T5 Exonuclease 1000U RMB238.00 Add to cart
D7082M T5 Exonuclease 5000U RMB868.00 Add to cart
D7082L T5 Exonuclease 20kU RMB2598.00 Add to cart
R0635S T4 RNA Ligase 2, truncated 5kU RMB558.00 Add to cart
R0635M T4 RNA Ligase 2, truncated 20kU RMB1698.00 Add to cart
R0635L T4 RNA Ligase 2, truncated 100kU RMB6368.00 Add to cart
R0700S Small RNA 3’-Linker (5’adenylated, 3’blocked 20T RMB818.00 Add to cart
R0702S Universal miRNA Cloning Linker (5′ adenylated, 3′ blocked) 1µg RMB318.00 Add to cart
R0702M Universal miRNA Cloning Linker (5′ adenylated, 3′ blocked) 5µg RMB1288.00 Add to cart
R0716S 5’ DNA Adenylation Kit 10T RMB358.00 Add to cart
R0716M 5’ DNA Adenylation Kit 50T RMB1298.00 Add to cart