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Cat.No. Product Name Package Price Oper
D7002FT Rapid DNA Ligation Kit 10T RMB0.00 Add to cart
D7002 Rapid DNA Ligation Kit 100T RMB192.00 Add to cart
D7003 Rapid DNA Ligation Kit 500T RMB755.00 Add to cart
D7006 T4 DNA Ligase 40,000U RMB55.00 Add to cart
D7008 T4 DNA Ligase 200,000U RMB199.00 Add to cart
D7018S PBCV-1 DNA Ligase 1250U RMB609.00 Add to cart
D7018M PBCV-1 DNA Ligase 5kU RMB1863.00 Add to cart
D7018L PBCV-1 DNA Ligase 25kU RMB7250.00 Add to cart
D7010FT Seamless Cloning Kit 5T RMB0.00 Add to cart
D7010S Seamless Cloning Kit 20T RMB341.00 Add to cart
D7010M Seamless Cloning Kit 100T RMB1260.00 Add to cart
D6952S Vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase I 200U RMB199.00 Add to cart
D6952M Vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase I 1000U RMB827.00 Add to cart
D6952L Vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase I 5000U RMB3313.00 Add to cart